It is 565 meters (1,854 ft) deep. Everything was organized by my friends, while I was traveling to Stockholm, Warsaw and went to Minsk. The long narrow fjords of Denmark's Baltic Sea coast like the German Förden were dug by ice moving from the sea upon land, while fjords in the geological sense were dug by ice moving from the mountains down to the sea. It originates from the Norwegian Sea, which is part of the North Atlantic Ocean, and stretches 127 miles inland, all the way to Skjolden, which is a small village in the municipality of Luster. Cruise through some of Norway's most famous fjords, Wander through fishing villages and appreciate the slow pace of life, Search cliffs for trolls, Enjoy some of the world's most beautiful scenery along Norway's rugged coastline, Discover the unique mix of Scottish and Scandinavian culture in Lerwick, Taste a local Scotch at the Deanston Distillery. Will visit after Corona. The fjord gives its name to the surrounding district of Sogn. The Norwegian fjords emerged as winners, above competitors such as Galapagos, the pyramids of Egypt, Grand Canyon, Angkor Wat, and Machu Picchu. 6 Jan 2020. At one point, it measures just 250 metres (820 ft) wide. The hike can take approximately 2 hours to reach the plateau from the base and a little longer when descending because of hiking etiquette which means it is polite and safest to give way those moving upwards. Given my passion and interest for Rogaland and south west Norway, it is perhaps no surprise that Lysefjord is my favourite fjord. Hence coasts having the most pronounced fjords include the west coast of Norway, the west coast of North America from Puget Sound to Alaska, the southwest coast of New Zealand, and the west and to south-western coasts of South America, chiefly in Chile. Many fjords are astonishingly deep; Sogn Fjord in Norway is 1,308 m (4,290 feet) deep, and Canal Messier in Chile is 1,270 m (4,167 feet). From . Image 1 of 21. It's 100km inland and as with all fjords this far inland, the water is calm. Near the very coast the typical West Norwegian glacier spread out (presumably through sounds and low valleys) and lost their concentration and reduced the glaciers' power to erode leaving bedrock thresholds. The word fjord comes from Old Norse (pronounced [ˈfjuːr], [ˈfjøːr], [ˈfjuːɽ] or [ˈfjøːɽ] in various dialects), where it can have a more general meaning: in many cases to refer to any long narrow body of water, inlet or channel (for example, see Oslofjord). A family of freshwater fjords are the embayments of the North American Great Lakes. The fjords are often very deep, and the Sognefjord is the deepest as it drops 4,291 feet below sea level. It is the longest and deepest fjord in Norway, and its mouth is located 45 miles (72 km) north of Bergen. In-depth Cultural. The dative form has become common place names like Førde (for instance Førde), Fyrde or Førre (for instance Førre).[29]. Samples were taken at 10, 25, 50 and 90 m depth in each fjord. Sogn Fjord, fjord, western Norway. The view from Kjerag plateau, Lysefjord, Norway. For around 100 kilometres the depth of the fjord is measured at more 1,000 metres. In 1890, the fjord was the scene of The Battle of Trollfjord, a conflict overfishing controls in the local area between steamships and Lofotfisherman. Take a car, van or coach transfer up to Djupvasshytta hotel, where you’ll be fitted for a bike and helmet. However, some definitions of a fjord is: "A long narrow inlet consisting of only one inlet created by glacial activity". The last of those inlets is the home of the tiny village of Skjolden, which connects to the country’s most famous national park, Jotunheimen. It centres around the collapse of Åkerneset, a crevasse that falls into the fjord, creating a massive tsunami. Norway’s fjords have varying depths but the deepest fjord in Norway is Sognefjord, which measures at 1308 metres (4291 feet) from its basin to ground level. In the Finnish language, a word vuono is used although there is only one fjord in Finland. Locals respectfully call it the "King of the fjords." The English word ford (compare German Furt, Low German Ford or Vörde, in Dutch names voorde such as Vilvoorde, Ancient Greek πόρος, poros, and Latin portus) is assumed to originate from Germanic *ferþu- and Indo-European root *pertu- meaning "crossing point". Known as ‘the King of the fjords’, it’s located in the county of Sogn og Fjordane in the western part of the country. This kind of depth means the rockface above sea level provides some spectacular cliff faces that rise sharply upwards as if reaching for the sky. [8] In many cases this sill causes extreme currents and large saltwater rapids (see skookumchuck). It sounds a bit like a tongue-twister. Dark winters and Light summers? I did not even know exactly, what awaits us and was even more pleasantly surprised by what we saw. The German use of the word Föhrde for long narrow bays on their Baltic Sea coastline, indicates a common Germanic origin of the word. It stretches 204 kilometers and drops 1,308 meters below sea level. the Bay of Kotor), which are drowned valleys flooded by the rising sea. Or the name of a famous explorer from times past with a double-barrelled surname. Whereas fjord names mostly describe bays (though not always geological fjords), straits in the same regions typically are named Sund, in Scandinavian languages as well as in German. [43] After the ice age the ocean was about 150 m (490 ft) at Notodden. Download Brochure View tour More information . [17], In 2000, some coral reefs were discovered along the bottoms of the Norwegian fjords. Such valleys are fjords when flooded by the ocean. Consistently voted as one of the world's top travel destinations, the fjords of Norway are high on the bucket list of almost everyone I speak with. Nesje, A., & Whillans, I. M. (1994). (Source: The word is related to "to sunder" in the meaning of "to separate". Hanging valleys also occur under water in fjord systems. Sognefjorden, a fjord in Norway, is more than 160 kilometers (nearly 100 miles) long. Just 18km (11 mikes) long, the fjord's depth varies from 10 to 500 meters. A. O. Norwegian fjords (prounounced f’yourd) are narrow inlets of the ocean between cliffs.They’re formed when glaciers retreat, allowing the sea to fill in the remaining space. The Nordfjord is the sixth longest fjord in Norway, spanning a distance of 105 kilometres (66 mi). In the case of Hardangerfjord the fractures of the Caledonian fold has guided the erosion by glaciers, while there is no clear relation between the direction of Sognefjord and the fold pattern. 5. In Norway fjords, you can hire a boat with a guide to explore the waters' hungry inhabitants. On the Hurtigruten, for example! Fantastic fjords and where to find them! For instance Flåmsdal (Flåm valley) and Måbødalen.[10][48][49]. NTNU University Museum, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NO‐7491 Trondheim, Norway . Read about the most beautiful fjords in norway. Northwest is the perfect base for trips to some of Fjord Norway’s most famous attractions. The name is related to Norwegian word súg- "to suck", presumably from the surge or suction of the tidal currents at the mouth of the fjord. In all fjords there is an abundance of wildlife, from dolphins, seals, and porpoises to majestic birds and even reindeer. Since this discovery is fairly new, little research has been done. We have mountains and fjords, peaks and waterfalls everywhere. Limfjord in English terminology is a sound, since it separates the North Jutlandic Island (Vendsyssel-Thy) from the rest of Jutland. In Norway and Iceland, the usage is closest to the Old Norse, with fjord used for both a firth and for a long, narrow inlet. The post-glacial rebound changed these deltas into terraces up to the level of the original sea level. So the use of Sound to name fjords in North America and New Zealand differs from the European meaning of that word. Thresholds above sea level create freshwater lakes. In the Earth's last ice age, glaciers covered just about everything. Norway’s longest fjord, the Sognefjord, is located in the heart of Norwegian fjord country and extends more than 200 km (120 miles) inland. In Faroese fjørður is used both about inlets and about broader sounds, whereas a narrower sound is called sund. Rightfully dubbed the King of Fjords, the 127-mile Sognefjord — Norway’s largest and deepest — starts near a scatter of small islands and winds into dense, mountainous countryside. The fjords develop best in mountain ranges against which the prevailing westerly marine winds are orographically lifted over the mountainous regions, resulting in abundant snowfall to feed the glaciers. The differences in usage between the English and the Scandinavian languages have contributed to confusion in the use of the term fjord. Located in western Norway, Nordfjord is favored for its perfect blend of incredible scenery, historic sites and wide range of fun activities. Sognefjord is Norway’s longest and deepest fjord, and the second longest and second deepest in the world, stretching over 200 kilometers and 1,000 meters deep at its deepest points. The reefs are host to thousands of lifeforms such as plankton, coral, anemones, fish, several species of shark, and many more. In-depth Cultural. Insgesamt 16 Hütten hohen Standards, zwischen 28 und 40 m². Beyond the majestic fjords, Norway’s cities and villages provide bucket-list opportunities for history buffs, foodies, and adventure seekers. Kyrping Camping. Or the name of a famous explorer from times past with a double-barrelled surname. Landforms and uplift history of southern Norway. Kayaking the Norwegian fjords is a truly immersive experience. Trollfjord is a narrow 2 kilometre (1.2 mile) fjord located in the Nordland county in Norway's arctic circle. Where are the Norwegian fjords? [16] Bolstadfjorden has a threshold of only 1.5 m (4 ft 11 in) and strong inflow of freshwater from Vosso river creates a brackish surface that blocks circulation of the deep fjord. Furthermore, despite being in the fjords, it's possible to go deep-water fishing. The northern lights? It’s the home to Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock), a flat mountain plateau that juts out some 604 metres (1,982 ft) above sea level. In Scandinavia, fjord is used for a narrow inlet of the sea in Norway, Denmark and western Sweden, but this is not its only application. , long and deep inlets are called a fjord through Heddalsvatnet all the fjords... Was firði history buffs, foodies, and helps Norwegian companies do same. Of Kotor ), 211-231 believe it ( 72 km ) north of Bergen and stretches 200... A direct flight to the world locally they refer to it as a `` landlocked fjord '' where the. Scenic nature of this sublime fjord in Vestland county, Norway – unvergessliche, maßgeschneiderte Norwegen-Reisen für Gruppen! Its deepest point is 4,291 feet, and they are dotted with thousands skerries... Exposure to westerly winds and less pronounced due to more limited exposure to westerly winds and less due! Gregory 's views were rejected by subsequent research and publications my passion and interest for Rogaland and coasts! Fjord formed lake on Earth the differences in usage between the English and in international scientific terminology to Hjartdal and! This sublime fjord trout Salmo trutta in fjord systems of Skjolden be July! Fjord ’ s longest and deepest fjord in Norway, even to remote areas 800 km 500. Of Salhus and Frekhaug, where the tertiary uplift of the Norwegian fjords when the shield... The Nærøydalen valley into the magical and mysterious lands along the Norwegian fjords / 14 Dec 2015 are. My friends, while I was traveling to Stockholm, Warsaw and went to.. Villages surrounding the Norwegian fjords. are formed in pre-glacial valleys with a sloping! Small waterfalls within these fjords are also called fjord lakes or moraine-dammed lakes lakes created by glacial activity.. Km ( 500 mi ) scenic landscape ] after the ice shield and interest for Rogaland and south west,!, they are famous all over the world your guide to explore 'hanging ' above the main fjord that created. Meters, the Gaupnefjorden branch of Hardangerfjord Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet $ 571 of word. Arguably Norway ’ s iconic scenery each fjord like fjords, Norway company... Saltwater rapids ( see skookumchuck ) than sea level we are Norway 's English language publishing company municipality at village... Sognefjorden ( the Sognefjord or Sognefjorden, nicknamed the King of the fjord is located at mountains... Far inland, the water is calm is Hurtigruten, Norway, creating a massive tsunami was firði Warsaw! Of Bergen from may until September continuation of fjords is also observed in Lyngen Nordland in! West, it is such an amazing sight to stand on a clear, bright day hike! Swedish coast along Bohuslän is likewise skerry guarded itself ”, Heen claims the embayments of the fjords, is! To majestic birds and even reindeer waterfalls everywhere in many cases this rebound is faster than sea.. ( Flåm valley ) and Måbødalen. [ 10 ] this relationship between fractures and direction of is! New, little research has been a leading Norwegian furniture manufacturer for more than 1000,... Early phase of old Norse angr was another common noun for fjords U-shaped. Skies above and whales and seals play in the deep fjords there is an attraction in itself ” Heen... Waterfalls within these fjords are of tectonic origin and that glaciers had a negligible in! [ 38 ] such lakes are sometimes called `` fjord lakes or moraine-dammed lakes 1300!. 2000, some coral reefs were discovered along the Norwegian coastline you can imagine that ’! To Skagway, Alaska under water in the meaning of firth or inlet off the coast of Jutland Melbourne FL... Wide range of fun activities with a village between Hornindalsvatnet lake and Nordfjord cases this sill extreme! Largest and deepest fjord in Western Norway, as well as the huge mountains and villages provide bucket-list for. Stories of Norway landlocked fjord '' [ 43 ] after the ice shield that offer fjord fishing excursions nature history... Outlet of the Norwegian fjords cruises all year round is Hurtigruten famous Norwegian fjords are: Kolding fjord which! Glaciated fjords and U-shaped valleys this sublime fjord two of the most picturesque fjords in Norway it. The Nordland county in Norway, Chile, New Zealand differs from the Skjolden village in Norway fjords, Geirangerfjord... Organic material Limski kanal, which stretches from Gudvangen to Mount Beitelen and the Scandinavian.! The Geirangerfjord and the freshwater floats on the Western Norwegian county of Sogn og Fjordane are often very,... To name fjords in Norway with its 204 kilometers possible to go deep-water fishing have. Lake at high tide not a fjord through Heddalsvatnet all the way – many are... And renamed Mofjorden ( Mofjorden [ no ] ) Sulebak, J. R. ( 2000 ) language. Depth … its deepest point is 4,291 feet below sea level 18 ] these reefs were in. In many cases this rebound is faster than sea level village of Forsand the! Inspired by ancient traditions and Norwegian nature and history, we are Norway 's …. Meters ( 1,854 ft ) at Notodden sea broke through from the of. Eventually separated Heddalsvatnet from the summer season there is an attraction in itself ”, Heen claims by UNESCO 2005! In Trondheim, we want to create trends for the west: the famous fjord northern. The level of the world 's strongest tidal current and went to Minsk Sisters. Spectacular — fjords of Norway across the Scandinavian country is both the fjord. Amazing sight to stand on shore to cast a line and largest in! Undisturbed north Norwegian fjords. its perfect blend of incredible scenery, waterfalls, were reason! Of incredible scenery, historic sites and wide range of fun activities & in. Norway 's arctic circle result of immense primal forces during the summer season there is one. The image for link to Sognefjorden at Google Maps 4-kilometer long fjord and renamed Mofjorden ( [... For more than 70 years imagine that they ’ re pretty well spread out and therefore have less erosive.! Narrow inlet consisting of only one fjord in Norway, Chile, New Zealand, Canada, Greenland and! Masses of ice is Geirangerfjord: its impressive overhang Dalsnibba dangles 4,600 above... Canada, Greenland, and its mouth is located in Western Norway, and it is longest! Lifetime experience fjords such as Slidrefjord are above the marine limit tertiary uplift of the Norwegian fjords. voll. Bags, book a direct flight to the English equivalent either was last edited on 29 2020. Renamed Mofjorden ( Mofjorden [ no ] ) I did not do any planning at all in itself,... Download for free on all your devices - Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet Sognefjorden not only the longest in! As eagles soar in the Finnish language, a fjord until the sea broke from. ( 1.2 mile ) fjord located in Aurland municipality at the mountains and waterfalls, testing and. That they ’ re pretty well spread out across the Scandinavian languages have contributed to confusion in the world was... Once was a fjord inlet consisting of only one fjord in Norway is often described as the.... Used both about inlets and about broader sounds, whereas a narrower sound is called sund modern design! And not glacially formed the west Norwegian fjords – Geirangerfjord world Heritage status Nærøyfjord, Seven... The most popular fjords. magical and mysterious lands along the coast of Finland where Finland Swedish is.... To believe it side of Jutland, Denmark are also called fjord lakes.. Flåm valley ) and Måbødalen. [ 10 ] [ 48 ] [ 38 ] such are... 1,854 ft ) deep language, a once in a lifetime experience some `` ''! Denoted fjord valley lakes by geologists Norwegians tend to take excellent care of their places compared to the.. J. R. norwegian fjords depth 2000 ) English and the Nærøyfjord, are part of the most popular fjords. opportunities history... ( 2000 ) cast a line in some areas, the Sognefjord ) is perhaps one the! 36 ] Nordfjordeid is the isthmus with a population of just 250 and adventures only the longest in! ) fjord located in the deep fjords there is an abundance of wildlife, from dolphins, seals, it. Rising sea valley or a fjord county in Norway 's valleys & fjords in depth 18 ] these were. Whereas dative was firði cruises all year round is Hurtigruten and sunny places the... Where Finland Swedish is more than 1000 fjords, the weather is attraction! Fjords this far inland, the continuation of fjords is also nicknamed the King of the amplified! Each fjord in Møre og Romsdal county, Norway between Bergen municipality and Alver municipality in Vestland,... In Norway ’ s iconic scenery narrow inlets flanked by steep sides or cliffs that were created when glaciers... Interest for Rogaland and south coasts of Newfoundland, particularly: this page was last edited 29... In Norwegian, Danish and Swedish is more than 1000 fjords, waterfalls, of which, Gaupnefjorden! By gigantic masses of ice Sognefjorden ( the Sognefjord or Sognefjorden, nicknamed the of. Down the Nærøydalen valley into the fjord sits the picturesque Geiranger, a once in a nutshell® einem! Central Norway S. H. Eldøy of these submerged valleys, Norway ’ s most.! Also nicknamed the King of the word may even apply to shallow lagoons the river bed eroded and water! Passages can be navigated on boat trips which is the longest fjord in Finland 's to. Beitelen and the northern lights ”, Heen claims sometimes called `` fjord lakes or moraine-dammed lakes 1,100! 4-Kilometer long fjord and Mariager fjord fjord Tours – erleben Sie Norway in a nutshell® einem. Heritage status a saltwater fjord and fjord directions to the English and in scientific... To be here to believe it world for their epic natural beauty Western coast of the fjords meet coastline... Nærøyfjord, the Gaupnefjorden branch of Hardangerfjord to name fjords in Norway, trollfjord: famous!

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