Turkey hunting places a consistent second. Decoy placement is a critical variable when hunting deer with decoys. When a deer spots a deer decoy the tendency of the real deer is to come nearer. This method involves using a fake deer to catch the attention of the others. Shipping Weight: 12.6 pounds. Besides a few days during the peak of the rut, a mature buck will almost always approach slowly, cautiously, and downwind. During pre-rut and rut, I love the posturing position because it shows some dominance and makes deer want to come in when the decoy is in an aggressive posture. but a lot of you deer hunters also chase spring turkeys. Then I go to Illinois and next Kentucky, Arkansas and Tennessee. £14.95 New. I will keep it away from artificial smells such as the oil and gas in my shop. Another common mistake made while deer hunting with a decoy is calling too much. The top priority when hunting with a decoy is for your prey to see it. Arkansas always has been known as the go-to state for most duck hunters in the East and South U.S. Arkansas is so close to me. Here's Why. Decoys draw animals in close that would have otherwise passed by out of range. However, most of the places where we hunt, we get the smaller Canada geese. In this guide, we will tell you what you should pay attention to when choosing a decoy for your hunt. Many hunters think, "The deer are going to come right in and I’ll hit my decoy." “Place your decoy somewhere that deer would naturally travel already and think about how bucks will approach. Deer decoys are most effective during this time because it's when bucks are establishing their home ranges. Try to keep it in its own bag or container, or store it outside, while keeping it out of the elements to prevent it from getting weathered. DEER DECOYS FOR THE BOWHUNTER. This is why deer hunting with a decoy can be one of the most effective tools in your rut arsenal. | Thermals, Wind Direction, and Terrain Features. The top priority when hunting … There are all sorts of different deer decoy set-ups. A dark brew can have roasted grains, where an IPA will focus on hops. No, and a decoy certainly isn’t necessary for going deer hunting either. Primos Waggin’ Whitetail Deer Decoy. You can make decoys work for you. This recipe can be made with roasted or smoked pheasant. If you want to use it when it's not pre-rut and rut, the ears, and the antlers are adjustable. One important fact to remember is that deer are vocal 12 months out of the year. The best place for the giant Canadas is northern Illinois. Top 5 Things to Get Your Ozonics Ready for Season, Is Downwind Enough? Hunting will become easy when you can place the best decoy for deer hunting. Any scent that a buck may associate with danger that is present…and your hunt is over. In my opinion, Dave Smith decoys are as lifelike as deer decoys get. Product Dimensions: 42 x 16 x 12 inches. Duck Goose Deer Elk Hunting Decoy Patent Poster Art Print 11"x14" Calls PAT329 8.9 8.4 9.0 5: DEER HUNTER Decal parking whitetail gun hunting cap gift shotgun rifle decoys 8.7 8.2 Beer and beef broth add great flavors to any stew. This will cause the buck to work the decoy within range and quartering away, offering you the perfect shot. So if you're right-handed and right down here is your shot area. CJ Davis, president of Montana Decoy, offers some sound advice on this matter. Go. This position allows you the opportunity to draw your bow or raise your rifle and get a shot off. They suit all hunters: beginners and experienced alike. Don't put it down-wind from your location because if the buck circles down-wind, he will most likely smell you. Then position the decoy quartering toward you and within range. The bowhunter has a number of options when choosing a deer decoy. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Stay on top of hunting tips, news, product announcements, and special offers. Justin is the owner of the Canadian River Hilton Hunting Lodge, located in Western, Oklahoma. My third favorite place to hunt waterfowl is my home state of Kentucky. I know that the only way I'll be able to harvest that bird is to get out into the field with him, set. Visibility is Key. If you're hunting a funnel, put the decoy in a place where the deer most likely to end up while traveling the funnel. Other options New and used from $104.48. All too often, hunters use the decoy in a way that either gives the deer an advantage or makes it impossible to get a shot off if one does commit to the setup. My favorite Canada goose to hunt is the big giant Canada goose. You always want your decoys upwind from where you want your prey to come from. The only way to get away with using a decoy is to make sure that it is 100% scent free. That’s a mistake. As per our review, we bring another deer decoy named MONTANA DECOY 23 Dreamy Doe Whitetail Decoy. You might think it makes the decoy look more natural, … Categories Deer Decoys (3 items) Refine by : Brand ICOtec (3) Price Range $100.00-$199.99; $300.00-$499.99; Refine by : Ratings (1) Close Filter. You may love whitetails, sure . Investing in the best deer decoy will be a great investment for you if you are new to hunting deer or you are a seasoned hunter. Types of Deer Decoys Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. I hope some of my experiences in the field can help you be successful in upcoming hunts. Deer hunting with a decoy can be extremely effective. Deer decoys as far as I’m concern happens to be one of the absolute most efficent deer hunting tools during the rut season. I have experienced the best results for myself and my clients while hunting deer with Dave Smith decoys. Some of the most realistic and easy to set up are the 2-dimensional life-size fabric decoys from Montana Decoy. Timing Is Everything. … Using a decoy in your hunting setup can improve your chances, but only it’s if used correctly. If you think about the chasing, the fighting and the staying on their feet during both daylight and nighttime hours that bucks do, by the time a buck reaches the post-rut, he’s tired, beat-up and doesn’t want to fight. And while splashing your doe decoy … So, if you’re rattling, grunting, or using any type of call to draw a mature buck in to your setup, the most important part of your calling sequence is to stop and wait! I like to set my decoy in an area where it's very visual. Buck vs. Doe Decoy. Setting It Up. Quick tip: A little cover scent like mature buck urine can’t hurt…. Scents you can use when hunting with deer decoys can make a very positive difference in your decoy setup. When hunting with decoys, scent control is very critical. These are the most popular articles from Mossy Oak in 2020. All rights reserved. There are several things that I have learned over the last 10 years while hunting with decoys. In the post-rut, I don’t stop using rut calls. He is an expert on hunting deer with decoys. Here are some keys to keep in mind while setting up to hunt with a decoy. Don’t partially conceal a full-size deer decoy. There’s no doubt that proper deer … The best time to use decoys for deer hunting is pre-rut and rut. The beautiful thing about a qualitative decoy is the durability of them. Hunting; Decoys; Deer Decoys Filter Results Close Filter. When a buck sees the posturing position of a buck decoy, the competitive nature of the live buck may take over his decision-making and cause him to try to fight the decoy to evict "the intruding buck" out of the area. The first thing a buck is going to try to do is cheap-shot the buck, or in this case, the decoy. Using scents with decoys is a proven tactic. 98. The reason I'm using a buck decoy in pre-rut and rut is to tap into the dominant nature of bucks. http://www.deeranddeerhunting.com Deer decoys can be very effective during the rut, but which type should you use when hunting pressured whitetails... buck or doe decoy? Get the best deals on Decoy Deer Hunting Decoys when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. I prefer to use some doe-in-heat scent and I will apply it to a drag rag and drag several different paths in various directions that all lead back to my stand setup. Rut crazed bucks are on their feet during the last week of October and most of November looking for hot does and defending their right to breed. Using one for your deer hunting routine is never a bad decision as most hunters have a successful record rate of deer hunting using deer decoy. 8 Tips for Using a Deer Decoy 1. Get the best deals on Deer Hunting Decoys when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. If a buck can cheap shot his threat and avoid a significant encounter, he's going to do so. If you want to pop the antlers off, you can pop them off and make a doe decoy out of it. © Copyright Ozonics. About Us "Necessity is the mother of all inventions." Ninety percent of the time or better, a buck won't approach the front side of your decoy as one may think for how bucks position themselves when they fight. I often get asked, “should I use a buck decoy or doe decoy?” Over 30 years of guiding has taught me that if I have to leave camp with one decoy, I'm going to take a buck decoy every time. Hunting deer with a decoy has proven to be a very effective tactic. It … Your Decoy Smells. That's also a mistake. We asked Justin Eakins about his experience with deer decoys and how to use deer decoys for hunting deer. Moreover, a deer decoy will act as a lure and keep it busy in observing the decoy. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Then when he leaves the field, he walks back onto the property I can’t hunt. Deer hunting, land management, fishing and more. Maybe they associate the presence of turkeys – fake or not – with a food source. Another situation where I’ll use a blind and decoys is when a tom is roosted on a piece of property that I can’t hunt, but every morning he flies down into a field that I can hunt. 4.2 out of 5 stars (5) Total ratings 5, £7.99 New. Justin has been successfully guiding whitetail deer hunters for over 30 years. The best are the Delta, Carry-Lite, Flambeau and the Mojo Buck, which is electronic and … If you’ve hunted even a short amount of time, you may have caught on to the fact that deer, especially mature deer, can smell and don’t care much for human scent in their woods. When choosing a decoy you’ll have to decide if you want to use a buck or doe. Deer Decoys Refine Your Results By: My Store Select a Store. Make your calling sequences short and realistic. . Making enhancements to your pond in the winter, such as adding artificial structures, can improve its habitat for the following year. But at the very least, setting up a decoy can likely increase your chances of bagging a deer. This is the Archer’s Choice Plot Pack , which includes a photo-realistic doe and buck that works great throughout the pre-rut and rut. I have a home place not far from the house that ducks like. Analyze the terrain around your setup and consider where deer are most likely to travel. The New Hunting Experience. There are many deer decoys on the market today. This specific phase of deer behavior varies throughout North America, so it is crucial to understand when peak breeding occurs in your area and use your decoy in the two to three weeks leading up to that time. Set your decoy in front of where you want your shot placement. Here is one of the most versatile deer decoys you will find. One of the best ways to get busted by a mature buck is by getting winded. Two to three weeks before the rut or peak breeding hits in an area is a great time. I usually start off each waterfowl season hunting in Alberta, Canada, in October. Just remember to set it up in a strategic location and to spray it with scent attractant to add to the realism effect. Once a buck has heard your calling sequence, the longer you continue to call the longer he will have to pin point your location or notice a potential mistake. Have you wondered if deer decoys would work for you or have you tried a decoy with bad results? Here are a… 95 When you're hunting with a decoy and when choosing your decoy, if your decoy looks 90-percent real, I'm going to say you're going to get positive results 90 percent of the time. Rattling and grunting can attract deer to your location. Here we discuss what makes this full-bodied deer decoy effective as a lure. Whatever it is about turkey decoys, a lot of deer seem to love them. For example, peak breeding throughout states like Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri is usually around November 14. Using a decoy for deer hunting can be a great tool and is worth adding to any archery hunter’s toolbox. 4.3 out of 5 stars 89. During these weeks, bucks are starting to break up out of their bachelor groups as they begin to establish their home ranges. A brushy fence line, steep ravine, or some other terrain barrier is the best form of scent control in a situation like this. I like to set my decoy in an area where it's very visual. The use of decoy is not new to seasoned hunters. Pheasant smokes quickly, and it generates a flavorful, moist product when done. Deer decoys give the hunter the added advantage of “placing” a buck in an area where the hunter can make the best shot. Put yourself in the place of the deer and consider where they will most easily see your decoy. It is essential to set up your decoy and your stand or blind in positions that conform to which hand you are as it relates to shooting your gun or bow. Here are seven of Eakins' best decoying tips for deer hunting. Most often, a buck is going to circle, and he's going to flank the decoy's side. You may trick of few bucks, but you won't trick very many. I live in western Kansas and I’m always seeing mature bucks in the middle of fields. A moving deer decoy is a sure fire way to provide confidence and a target into an approaching deer. Other hunters will set their decoys too far apart from each other when the weather is very cold. Position yourself in a way that getting down wind of the setup is near impossible. . Product Title Primos Scarface Deer Decoy 62601 Average rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars, based on 10 reviews 10 ratings Current Price $269.53 $ 269 . We take every scent control precaution to be scent free, so why would a decoy’s scent be any different? Take the decoy out a few times this season; practice the right deer hunting and scent control techniques and learn from the encounters you have, and adjust in the future to have the most effective decoy hunts possible! Unfortunately, deer often focus on your exact whereabouts, presenting a front … Introduce a potential threat to either of these, like a new buck, and any dominant buck in the area will make his presence known in a big way! You’re going to be in a bind right there. Beef broth is just as easy to use and makes a great foundation to add moisture to stew. Learn more from Mossy Oak. Flocked Pigeon Decoy Shooting Full Bodied Feet Peg Stick Upright Feeding Body A1. Little Deek Decoys was founded in 2016 by Clint Nettles. http://www.deeranddeerhunting.com Should you use a deer decoy? I bet you don’t care for deer then. Sort By. Decoys provide visual reassurance for incoming deer that are investigating noises or commotion. If you're hunting a field, make sure that your decoy is placed in the exact spot that maximizes its chances to be seen. The decoy will visually confirm what he thought he heard and bring him into range for a shot. Deer decoys are rapidly gaining popularity and claim a first place among other ways of hunting deer. However, if you take your bow target out that may only have a 20 percent look of realism to it, you may get positive results 20 percent of the time. I don’t rattle during the post-rut. When that first mature buck slowly comes up out of a draw nearly 20 minutes after you quit rattling, you’ll be glad you called infrequently enough to let him close the distance. Decoying deer is a method of deer hunting that has really caught fire in recent years. That should give you a great opportunity at a broadside to quartering away shot without that buck focusing on you and your stand or blind. 6 X Nitehawk Floating 14" Female Duck Decoys Hunting Shooting Fake Bird Hen. Every time I use a decoy I spray it down with scent eliminator and I am very mindful about where I store my decoy. Best Deer Hunting Decoy for Deer Hunting Hunter for the Hunters who hunt deer with 3D decoys. 53 List Price $340.95 $ 340 . Then, hang it up, be still, and wait at least 20-30 minutes before the next sequence. So, you want to thermal hog hunt? Wash it down at the beginning of the season, keep it outside, and spray it down right before your hunt. In the end, there is no better teacher than failure, but why fail when you can succeed the first time? The best deer decoy placed in the right location can produce a hunt of a lifetime and lead to a punched tag.There are many variables to consider when planning to purchase and hunt whitetails with a decoy. 85% of the time, a buck coming in to a buck decoy will approach from the downwind side and position himself head on from the decoy, posturing to fight. I follow the duck migration. It could be the difference in watching that big buck walk just out of … I can’t help but think a spot and stalk with a decoy would be a great way to get a chance at one of these bucks. With a significant increase in testosterone during this phase, bucks become more dominant and aggressive. Enhancing Your Pond’s Habitat in the Winter, Temperature Helps Determine Decoy Set-Ups, Blinds, Decoys and Preference for Turkey Hunting, LockerSource Features Four Different Mossy Oak Designs on NEW Lockers, Kentucky Is a Top Pick for Hunting Waterfowl for McKnight, 9 New Year’s Resolutions for Hunters and Anglers, Richie McKnight - the Travelling Waterfowl Hunter, To Rattle or Not to Rattle During the Post-Rut in the North, How to Use Deer Calls in the North During the Post-Rut, Deer decoy scents for attraction and coverage. Is anyone else hunting whitetails from the ground with something like a heads up decoy? Decoying deer is a method of deer hunting that has really caught fire in recent years. The New Year is an excellent opportunity to reassess your old routines and inject them with some new life. 10x Nitehawk Dead Bird Cradles/pigeon Hunting Shooting Decoys Decoying. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Why?...It works! Style Name: Masters Series Boss Babe. Giving the appearance of a real life deer next to your stand while deer hunting can help you close the distance on an amorous buck. Keep these helpful tips in mind the next time you decide to use one. Please read on as I dive into the nuts and bolts of some must-have items. $109.98 $ 109. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. But not all decoys are equally effective. A new motion deer decoy is now available that may be just the thing you need to fill your next buck tag. I’m a firm believer in using a decoy from late October through the end of November in most of... 2. Hunting Decoy Accessories; Archery Targets; Hunting Blinds; Shooting; Hunting Scents & Scent Eliminators; Deer Calls & Lures See All 16 Departments ... Masters Series Deer Decoy. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. In addition to Dave Smith decoys, there are several other great brands out there. I have been decoying whitetail for over 20 years and under the right circumstance it is very effective and makes for a very memorable hunt. The 3-D style offers the most realism but requires the most effort. Choose a decoy that plays into your hunting situation and goals, and then think about your setup. Once a deer spots a decoy, it focuses its attention on it, rather than you, and this can really increase your chances … Some hunters will set their decoys really close together when the weather is hot. You always want to make sure to place the decoy well within your effective shooting range, where you have a clear shot. Now sometimes during the year, they’re more vocal than they are at other times, including a deer in the rut. I've used them for years. Setting a decoy quartering away from your position is best. LockerSource and Mossy Oak are proud to introduce a new locker line that features four different Mossy Oak patterns for the outdoor enthusiast to enjoy.

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